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Dhiya Kuriakose is a multimedia journalist passionate about social media, politics and technology.

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Open uri20131020 3254 hfbwd0 article
The Guardian

New York Comic Con apologises for tweets from fans' accounts

New York Comic Con issued an apology on its Faceboo...

Open uri20131020 3254 1dgrcsb article
The Guardian

National Coming Out Day: our readers share their stories

LGBT rights are far from won. Photograph: AP Photo/...

Open uri20131020 3254 16ivkfb article
The Guardian

Below the Line with ReyLuis and MrMondypops: sport commenters

Newcastle United's Yohan Cabaye, a crush of MrMondy...

Open uri20131020 3254 q37xk7 article
The Guardian

Malala Yousafzai is inspiring, but I hope she doesn't win the Nobel peace prize

Malala Yousafzai waves during the official opening ...

The Guardian

Malala Yousafzai: from blogger to Nobel peace prize nominee – timeline

The story of a girl known to the world simply as Ma...

The Guardian

What would you do with a giant Fox News touchscreen?

Fox News has given viewers a preview of its "news d...

Stringio article
The Guardian

Emmys 2013: red carpet pictures and tweets

We created a list of celebrities attending the Emmy...

Open uri20131006 27995 x89tdy article
The Guardian

Fake Yelp reviews: anatomy of an 'astroturfing' post

Searching for a hairdresser? An affordable restaura...

Open uri20131006 27995 1a9r2ub article
The Guardian

Atheists on grieving: 'I offer time and tea'

How do you comfort mourners without God? Photograph...

Open uri20131006 27995 1o58ll0 article
The Guardian

Twitter: non-essential for government – but a lifeline for its employees

The US government shut down at midnight Tuesday for...

Open uri20131006 27995 osbd7r article
The Guardian

Below the Line with Ruprict and cavelier5: sports commenters

Sports fans are the most passionate and patriotic. ...

Open uri20131006 27995 1syfolh article
The Guardian

Below the Line with martillo, a 'binge commenter'

BTL (below the line) is a weekly profile of a parti...

Open uri20130920 26325 jlnbg article
The Guardian

Stories of first-generation students: 'I felt dumb, poor and confused'

Last week, Julia James wrote about the challenges o...

Open uri20130920 26325 1b53pzq article
The Guardian

Pope Francis: 'I am a sinner whom the Lord has looked upon'

'We cannot insist only on issues related to abortio...

Open uri20130920 26325 1idrb35 article
The Guardian

JJForest: 'Playing devil's advocate'

BTL (Below the Line) is a regular profile of a part...